Pitch-Perfect Pizza Take 2: It was more scrumptious this time because I fixed the burning problem. Also, I doubled the amount of dough so I could have more crust. That was actually tasty as well. What I shouldn’t have doubled though was the tomato sauce.


See? There was so much I had to squeeze the excess out. But at least I got to use it as dipping sauce for the crust, which was dry. I sort of expected that though, because I forgot to brush olive oil on the dough before I added the works, which I only realized after I looked at the brush I never actually used, after putting the pie in the oven.

So here’s what I’ll do next time: keep the dough doubled, but use half the tomatoes. Or the tomato paste. I’m not sure what the paste is, exactly. Either way, less tomato sauce, because look: IMG_2598It’s basically an ACTUAL PIE!

And definitely less cheese. I think I initially added the perfect amount (1 cup), but I saw too much sauce, so I felt the need to put the entire 2-cup-package into it.

Oh, and I actually didn’t have to worry about the transfer to the pizza tray this time. I just molded it directly on the tray itself. I was a little worried about the holes at the bottom, not because they’d put spots on the bottom of the crust (which I actually thought was pretty cool), but I didn’t want the dough to somehow bleed through the holes. As I was molding toward the pizza shape, I used Saran wrap between the table and the tray so I was comfortable that if the dough were to stick out, it would keep the table clean.

I was also concerned with the holes being there while the pizza was baking, but then I remembered that’s exactly how they looked yesterday, so I decided not to worry so much about that. I guess dough is tougher than it looks.

Okay, so third time will definitely be the charm as long as I follow this: keep the dough as written, but divide the tomato sauce by half, shape the dough directly on the pizza pan, brush the oil onto the dough once it’s ready, and keep the cheese at one cup. I think that’s the perfect variation for me. I just want it to look like this: 122-1 but with more crust. Is that too much to ask for? Well, I suppose the random red spots were a good sign after all.

And how are those little bubbles in the dough made? You know what I’m talking about? It’s at the top right in the professionally-made pizza. I call it a pizza cancer. I sort of want that to happen with my pizzas. WHY WON’T MY PIZZAS GET CANCER?!


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