4/18/16 Part II

So apparently, my cooking for today didn’t stop at that breakfast sandwich. At around dinnertime, my parents were waiting for me to make dinner while I was waiting for my mom to call me downstairs to eat. Nope. They assumed I was going to cook something and decided that from now on, I was in charge of meals. I’m glad, since it means they like my cooking (or at least can tolerate it and figured my mom should take it easy on making dinner now). That’s when I thought, Maybe this new rule isn’t so bad after all. It’d give me a lot more to talk about on my amateur chef’s blog! (That’s you guys! 😀 You’re the blog! Actually I’m the blog, but I write for you! Okay, I only write for myself and only hope that you read them.)

That’s why I’m in the kitchen, waiting for our steaks to cook. I looked for a good ten minutes on quick and easy recipes since this dinner was last-minute, but I ended up going for a simple steak with a side of green beans and rice–also known as, my favorite meal. Whoops, just realized one of my steaks was on sideways. The steaks I bought were small enough to fit three into a long foam plate, so they weren’t too big. I figured my mom would be happy with those sizes because they’re so small.

Instead, she said that she wasn’t eating because she wasn’t hungry. Then, as she smelled what was coming from the kitchen and heard what I was doing, I suppose the atmosphere reminded her stomach that she was hungry. So instead, the two steaks I was making for my dad and myself ended up for both my parents. Right now, I’m working on my own dinner.

For the steak, I guess I’m not really following the recipe as much as I am only using it as my guide. It’s the one from The Blue Bloods Cookbook, because they actually gave me a chart for how long I should cook the steak. Actually, they gave me a temperature number for each option: we all prefer medium-rare, so all I had to do was take an instant-read thermometer (which I just found out we had, and therefore used), and make sure it reads 130°F. (By the way, the ° sign on Macs is option + shift + 8. You’re welcome, students.)

Reading this thermometer though, I can’t help but wonder: Is this what medical examiners use when they measure a corpse’s liver temp? Except their thermometer is probably sharper in order to pierce flesh. Yeah, if you’re eating while reading this, you’re welcome! Sorry for the gruesome question, but I’m a crime show fanatic, so my stomach is pretty strong.

IMG_2668Am I doing this right? I mean, outside the dry center, it looks pretty juicy, but is that center normal? Like, does it need lotion or something?

Well, salud.IMG_2669WHOA, that steak is salty. No A1 Sauce needed here. The first bite sorta hurt. The ones after weren’t too bad, but I think it’s because my taste buds adjusted. Or suffered paralysis from shock.

IMG_2670So this is what 130°F got me. Again, thank you, Bridget Moynahan and Wendy Howard Goldberg for that helpful chart in The Blue Bloods Cookbook. I also just learned how to use an instant-read thermometer, so thank you for that as well, ladies.

I hope this is okay, but here is the chart they so graciously published: Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.05.08 PM

I think by “rest”, they mean let it cool down anywhere but where the initial heat source was, which I didn’t do.

As for the green beans, I remembered from last time that my mom uses oyster sauce when she makes them. I looked up recipes for green beans that include oyster sauce and found one on Rachael Ray’s website called Stir-Fried Green Beans with Garlic & Oyster Sauce. It was really simple and pretty close to what Mom makes, so I’m definitely keeping that one for my personal cookbook.

FYI, I live in California, so we go by Pacific Time, which is why it’s published for April 19th. Is there a way to change that, by the way?


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