What we have here is my pathetic attempt at Chicken Stir-Fry with Fresh Vegetables (which is actually “Stir-Fries with Fresh Vegetables” on the NY Times Cooking site, where I got the recipe). Since my mom tells me that “it’s my call” because I’m the chef, I decided that this would be best eaten mixed with rice.

Except…05recipehealth-articleLarge-v2.jpgDOES THAT LOOK LIKE IT WAS MIXED WITH RICE TO YOU???

So I think the rice was suppose to be in a separate bowl and we’re supposed to eat the stir fry like a salad. I mean, it tastes fine my way. It actually tastes better than the instant stir-fry crap where all you have to do is microwave it and dunk the veggies in the broth and mix. Poseurs.

Here are a few observations that I, the inexperienced chef, came up with during this process:

  1. The chicken stuck to the bottom of the pan even though I added oil. I guess I was supposed to add more? While stirring it, I literally had to scrape it off, which wasn’t too hard to do. It just took up about 30 seconds of my time.
  2. IMG_2719Ain’t it purty? I organized each of the smaller ingredients that I needed, in the order I needed them, and set the appropriate measuring utensil in front of each of them. This system wasn’t too significant, but I did have an easier time once I got around to them on the instructions.
  3. The recipe said to cut the chicken a certain way, by length and width. I feel like that’s impossible with raw meat, isn’t it? It’s just too…mushy, I guess? And with the way I gripped it and cut it–it was just a mess. I didn’t even try at all.
  4. I added double the shallots by accident even though I only needed one. That’s because there was a two-for-one deal at the grocery store, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the extra. Although I only needed the one, I guess, so I don’t know who won when it came to the sale. Then, when it was time to open the shallots, I forgot I was saving one and started opening the second anyway. I don’t think it mattered though. I could barely see the shallots anyway.
  5. In culinary terms, “blanching” means to boil it, then immediately dunk it in ice water. I think. Part of the issue with the broccoli was blanching it, I think. The reason why it looks more like pesto rather than actual broccoli, is because I boiled it in water too much. It was already falling apart after the first time I drained the hot water. I realize they only make you do it twice to clean it, except the broccoli came clean and ready to eat–it even says so on the bag!
  6. Is there a video on how to cut bell peppers julienne? Oh, and how to cut chicken into certain sizes?
  7. My feet didn’t hurt as much this time, but I think that’s because I sat on a stool throughout most of the chopping.
  8. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous entry, but before the cooking officially begins, I’d definitely set the smaller ingredients (i.e. spices, liquids) in their own tiny containers. That way, they’re ready for you, which is why I suppose they do it on those brief cooking clips you see on Facebook, with fun music playing in the background. There are only so many containers you can put them in, and some ingredients include tiny portions to the point where it’s like a waste of a container. So it’s like…what do you do? Waste the entire container or mix it with another ingredient that goes in the bowl at the same time?

So…I think those are all the thoughts that this amateur chef came up with today. I’d say that as far as serving size goes, this was the perfect amount. It was for three people and there were no leftovers, considering the fact that we have dogs and there was chicken in the recipe. So, naturally…they get a lot of the meat.

Oh, and the reason why I didn’t cook the rice (although I technically did, last night) is because they were already prepared. We’re Korean, so having rice ready to go is sort of our thing. Stereotype? Maybe. But is it true? Definitely.

I also have a question for you readers: would you like me to give you the recipe to what I’m cooking so you can, I don’t know, follow along? At least a link to it? I feel like it’d make more sense to you rather than me just telling you certain questions I had because you’re reading these blindly. Let me know what you think! 🙂



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