Today I made tomato bisque from a NY Times Cooking recipe called “Tomato Bisque with Fresh Goat Cheese”. I chose it because it was the easiest one that I found. Of course, “easiest” doesn’t always mean that it actually is easy. There a few questions that I would like to address:

  1. Is the top of the saucepan supposed to be on when you’re leaving it to simmer for half an hour?
  2. Did it have to be “Italian plum tomatoes”? The can I found was the Signature Kitchens Crushed Tomatoes in Rich Purée. It was the only “crushed tomato” option I could find, but I think it worked.
  3. Our family is strongly against goat cheese, so I looked up what I could substitute for it, which was cream cheese–I could use the exact same amount. Then, my source said that if I wanted to maintain a similar texture, I just add a little bit of plain yogurt.
  4. Are they sure that you’re supposed to put it on medium-high heat? The first three ingredients burned very quickly and it didn’t take me long to add the other ingredients this time. In fact, they told me to wait 1-2 minutes. Well, within half a minute, it started to burn.
  5. I think there’s too much salt. My dad, whom I was making this for, watched me prep the salt and he literally pointed out that it was too much. I was only following the recipe though. Is there something I could add to it to save it, do you think?
  6. The bread is good though. Okay, I bought it from Safeway, but it’s good.

I think the recipe itself is fine, just needs a few tweaks. Step one would be to reduce the amount of salt. 1 tbsp. is way too much. I think I’ll just add 1 tsp, and if it’s not enough, I can always add more.

On the plus side, I used a blender for the first time! You can imagine how much of a blast the puppies had, hearing it work.

I’m reading the reviews on here and they’re mostly positive. How? Are they not tasting the extra salt? Did I misread the amount?

Wait…I think I did get the wrong tomatoes after all. Apparently, you need more in order to get the equivalent amount of plum tomatoes, according to one reviewer. Damn substitutions due to convenience.

So here’s what it looks like on the website: 01CHEESE4-articleLarge.jpg

And here’s what I made: IMG_2766.JPG


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