Tonight was another salad day, which was surprisingly still very educational. As you can see, it’s a lot more colorful than the spinach-strawberry salad I made. It felt nice to be more creative this time. We shopped for ingredients at Costco and my mom gave me full freedom. As she says whenever I make dinner, “All my call.”

  1. Until today, I always thought that cutting up lettuce was a challenge. Prior to the very first salad I made, the ingredients never really…clicked, you know? They were always messy, which, I know, doesn’t make sense because it’s a salad–you gotta toss it to enjoy it. It just never really felt right. No idea how it actually “clicked” this time, especially without a recipe to follow, but it did.
  2. Adding (vegetable, not black) peppers was a last-minute Costco decision–you’re there, so you decide to try a few things.
  3. I also remembered what my brilliant idea was from yesterday: hard-boiled eggs. Of course, today though, I forgot to add them, but there’s always tomorrow.
  4. Those aren’t actually bell peppers, I don’t think. That was my intention, but I opted to go for the smaller peppers. The reason why I chose bell peppers for the salad was because I learned how to properly chop them…from a cooking game I play on my phone. I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before since I’ve been playing it for years, but that’s what happened.
  5. And, FYI, when you’re working with raw meat, make sure that their essence doesn’t touch the fruits and vegetables. Or else you might transfer food poisoning. My mom was a stickler about that. If you can, wash a cutting board and knife if you need to use it again, while still cooking. Yeah, she was pretty serious about it.
  6. Speaking of sticklers, I wasn’t quite sure how much of each ingredient to add, since I wasn’t following any recipe this time. Here’s what I went with and, since I’m so picky about having whole or even things, this recipe should be easy to follow: one of each color tomatoes, which makes about eight tomatoes total (I got a bag of the small, multicolored ones, just for looks); two small peppers; one head romaine lettuce; two cups strawberries (quartered like last time); half of one cucumber; and one chicken breast.
  7. Since the breast from Costco was so big, I actually cut it in half. The long way. Which was actually pretty easy considering how frozen it still was. I mean, it had thawed out for the most part, but still solid at the center.

I didn’t make the dressing this time. We still have three or four bottles left of different types of dressing. Personally, I went with Panera Bread’s Fuji Apple Vinaigrette Dressing.

Tomorrow, we plan on having steak. I forgot the name of it, but it’s a new type that we’re trying. All I know is that it looks like a meat Cinnabon. As sides, I’m also adding rice and green beans, because, if you didn’t already know, that’s my favorite meal. In fact, if I were on Death Row, this is what I would ask for as my last meal.

Although maybe I should substitute the rice with mashed potatoes instead. Actually mashing them is actually a very entertaining process. At the same time, I feel like doing so would Americanize the meal. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course, but having rice with an American favorite? That’s sort of become our thing, you know?


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