Steak Day! When we went to Costco earlier this week, my mom and I also found something called a Ribeye Cap Steak. Because it was rolled up and there was a string wrapped around it, I thought it looked like a meat Cinnabon ;). That’s why I thought it would be cooked like that. Then, I saw an article about it and it was straightened out.

If you need a visual: uilysgi5t3r5.jpeg (Not my photo, by the way. Found it on Google Images. Looks exactly like what we got though.)

Unrolled: maxresdefault.jpgI think. (Again, this isn’t my photo. Source: somewhere on Google Images.)

Since I felt the grill was better for this type of meat (AKA too long to fit in a pan), and the men in our family are typically the grillers, we left the cooking of the steak to my dad. That means that I was in charge of the green beans and rice. So I guess today’s dinner was a team effort.


The egg was my mom’s final touch. I would also accept that as a side for my last meal, if I were to go on Death Row. (That was based on a previous joked I’d made yesterday, I don’t actually plan on being on Death Row.)

My mom said that the green beans were done perfectly this time although I’m not sure what changed. I used the same exact recipe (Courtesy of Rachael Ray). Looking back though, I know that I probably overcooked the beans last time so…yeah, that’s probably it. I just wanted to heat it last-minute because I still wanted it to be hot by the time dinner was served.

One note about the beans though, the recipe is for 2lbs. green beans, but I knew that 1 pound would be more an enough for the three of us, so I had to divide each ingredient by half. Also, note to self: when the instructions list a bunch of ingredients, don’t just use the actual list of ingredients and rely on gut instinct or whatever you base your trust on, to know when it stops. I had to redo it because I added the oil to the bowl instead of the pan. Even though I’d made the green beans before. From this exact recipe. Less than half a month ago.

Because we keep our garlic already minced, I had to guess at how many minced tbsp. equaled three garlic cloves. Realistically, I think it’s a little less than just one tbsp. per clove, so I think the amount of garlic added this time was a little too much, but it wasn’t too bad.

I was surprised by how the garlic didn’t burn this time though. Not so immediately anyway. There was a lot of oil, but I followed the instructions, so that couldn’t have been a factor in how well the garlic cooked. Maybe I mixed it up earlier in the process, giving the heat less time to burn it?

Oh, and before I officially sign off, prior to cooking it, my dad added his own steak powder…mixture…thing. In substitution of the salt and pepper I tried to add, he intercepted early enough to add his spices. I can’t tell you what was in them, to be honest. They looked like the types of peppers you see in the packets that come with your pizza, but mixed with other spices, which I couldn’t identify off the top of my head. I don’t know if it’s his personal invention, but it’s what we typically add to our steaks, apparently.


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