Continuing the salad streak, as my father requested, I once again made the same salad. Of course today, I decided to change things up from last time. Since my mom wanted to cook this Spam-and-honey mixture, we didn’t use chicken tonight.

I forgot to mention this last time, but there’s something about eating a piece of strawberry and a slice of pepper in the same exact bite. Not sure what it is, but it’s as if both flavors complement each other in some way. It’s really beautiful, somehow.

This salad day though, I realized something: the past few days, I’ve felt like my mom’s been raining on my parade because she’s adding her own touches to these recipes. I don’t complain directly to her face, but I’ve been impatiently letting her do it her way. Basically, I appreciated her help, but wanted to do this all on my own, and I didn’t want to completely tell her that I can do it all by myself, especially since I could skip the precautionary measures. (For example, the raw chicken specifically could not touch the fruits and veggies for this salad.)

I just wanted her to keep her end of the bargain; that when I prepare dinner, it’s “all my call”. I know that I always asked her questions at the very beginning because I had no idea what I was doing, but loosen the strings a little, you know? At the same time, I suppose she’s doing this because I’m more on my own now and she wants to make sure that I do it right. Yet, on the other hand, if I want to become my own personal chef, I’ve gotta learn how to do this on my own, even if she and Dad are my guinea pigs.

Anyways, I do know that if I had been my usual lazy self, I would’ve used the exact same cutting board without washing it while handling the chicken first, and then the fruits and vegetables second. In fact, it’s for that very reason why I don’t raise my voice to her, because what if I don’t think to do something else that could’ve prevented food poisoning, or cancer even?

What I learned throughout this mental experience was I could still use help from people who have the experience to teach me the knowledge I need to acquire. There are going to be some days where it’s not gonna feel good, accepting this information–mainly because you’ll feel as if that person is treating you like a child–but it’s necessary, especially if you don’t want to risk getting someone sick. I mean, look at your options: wouldn’t you rather be constantly reminded of how to do something properly in order to prevent injury or illness?

Dammit! I forgot to add egg! I even made a checklist on my Notes app! I guess that’s another thing to think about: if you made your own checklist of ingredients, ALWAYS CHECK IT. That’s why it’s called a CHECK! LIST! You gotta CHECK the LIST! In fact, OVERcheck the list!


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