No cooking plans for today, but I made a big decision that is still related to cooking: I decided to go to culinary school! I’m still working out the kinks, but there’s an amazing local program here and, from what I’ve read, it takes two years. I know that defeats the purpose of having this amateur chef’s blog, but until I actually graduate and get a job as a professional chef (which might happen even further into the future), I’m still just a wannabe.

I wasn’t going to officially cook today, but I did get a new idea just now (and since I technically did make it myself, I suppose that counts as cooking). I’m drinking hot cocoa and I added a candy cane just for kicks. I have a huge “Frozen” 20-oz. mug, so I have to add, like, four spoonfuls of cocoa powder. (These spoonfuls are mountains–since I got the Swiss Miss in a jar, although it’s more of a tiny bucket–which I’m telling myself equal 1/2 a regular packet, but who am I kidding? I’m piling it up.) Then, I keep the candy cane hooked onto the rim so the bottom half can melt into the hot cocoa.

It’s really delicious when you do it this way. I mean, I know that hot cocoa is already sensational as it is, but add some mint to that? It’s just heavenly. Some of you may already do this, so in that case, keep whatever it is you do. However, if there are people out there who haven’t experienced this delightful taste, I suggest this way to them. Now, you may have to stir it once in a while, but let’s face it: for hot cocoa, it’s part of the fun.

And the mint sort of hits you more toward the end, but it should be fine as long as you just keep stirring. That way, the remnants of the cane can spread out evenly. Calorific? Perhaps. But ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS? Definitely.

As you can see, I placed the candy cane on the other side of the handle so when I drink the cocoa, it won’t get in my way. Just make sure to pick it up once in a while to mix it around.

Or else something like this happens lol…

Another thought just occurred to me: we have hot coffee and during summertime, we get iced coffee. What about cocoa? Do we sometimes order iced cocoa or is that too gross? I mean, we get chocolate milk, so I suppose that’s the total opposite. But has anyone considered the iced cocoa thing?

If you think you can’t tolerate that much sugar, definitely cut it down to your liking. If it’s too sweet, that could ruin the entire drink for you, and a lot of times, the first impression is the one that sticks. If it’s too sweet the first taste, add more hot water to dull down the sugar.


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