I should create a culinary bucket list. They’ll probably start out with simple tasks such as “I want to make the perfect pancakes” or “I would like to successfully crack an egg one-handed”. As I start checking them off, I could always create more challenges for myself and they could get more difficult as I go along.

Seriously though. I was watching the episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) advises her cardiothoracic surgical resident Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to create a bucket list of cardio surgeries she’d like to do. Then, Altman could try her best to find those patients and give them to her.

You probably realize by now that this could also apply to any other career path, not just medicine and cooking. That’s why, if you’re able to, I’d suggest you do the same with whatever you do in life. If we don’t have those goals to push for, we don’t have the motivation to get us there. We’re just…doing work. There’s nothing to build up towards.

Anyways, I actually did cook something today: breakfast. I wanted to make scrambled eggs. Looking at the photo, you can tell I still need help with it, but the recipe I found was called, “Perfect Scrambled Eggs“. Well, I followed the recipe exactly and it still needed more, which got me thinking, How differently are our standards of perfection?

Okay, I may have lied. This image is from the second attempt this morning: the first one really did follow the recipe. This second batch was for my mom and I decided to add the ham later. For this, I figured one slice of the leftover Oscar Mayer ham was enough. It was tough to determine when it was time to scramble though. You can sort of see it’s slightly burnt.

In my personal opinion, these scrambled eggs were bland. I felt like it needed more than just salt. Ketchup? Hot sauce? I don’t know. Just something to give it more flavor.


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