Southern Fried Chicken, Take 2. My first attempt at this was sort of a disaster. In case you haven’t read it, here’s a summary: the entire entry was a complaint about too much salt. In fact, even 1/4 cup of salt, which was the new number I set after that debacle (which contained 1 cup), was too high. My mom advised “a pinch”, but ended up adding more to it. I’m not sure how much it was exactly, but my guess is maybe 1/8 cup?

So how’s it looking today? Okay, again it looks good. I’d apparently added too much hot sauce this time, which is weird because I thought I added a buttload of it last time. In fact, I was positive that the amount I used this time was half of how much I used last time. Although maybe you couldn’t taste it last time because the salt completely overshadowed it.

The mashed potatoes weren’t mashed very well this time, because I took them out too early. I should’ve taken that recipe’s tip seriously: it’s better to overcook than under. It really is. I mean, I suppose it’s still possible to completely mash it when it’s undercooked…it’s just time-consuming and a lot harder. Literally.

I added garlic salt to the potatoes after I mashed them (close enough). Or was it just garlic powder? I think I used garlic powder, but meant to use garlic salt. I learned that those two go well together on a camping trip. We used instant mashed potatoes–the ones that spread out when you just add water. I forgot where the garlic powder came from in the camping world, but it was magnificent.

Anyways, at least the chicken skin was edible this time, and I survived further in the chicken-cutting process than I did last time. Mom still had to finish it off though.

How do you fry chicken without burning it though? The recipe says to wait until it is golden brown, if you don’t have a meat thermometer. If you do, you’re supposed to wait till it gets to 165°F. I just feel like most of the time, I’m just waiting on the thermometer though. Then, I end up slightly burning the other pieces because I’m waiting on the one piece that’s so close to 165°. Advice? Anyone?

Again, Mom made the green beans. I was too focused on the chicken and potatoes.

I got burned this time while frying. It was while I was clearing up the oil for the final batch of chicken (I couldn’t fit all the pieces into one pot). I didn’t see how close my finger got to the rim of the pan and…presto. As if lightning had touched the bone, I let out a silent “ow” and threw my hand back, away from the stove. It wasn’t serious. Like, at all. I just put some aloe on it. The only mark it made was this pink line. My first cooking injury, I suppose? Although it’s not really an injury, is it?

Oh, and apparently, you shouldn’t add water to the oil that you’re boiling while frying. Since water and oil don’t mix well (literally, at all), it’s the water that keeps popping and attacking your skin. I don’t know exactly, but that’s what my mom said. It sort of makes sense. Last time, I didn’t have a big issue with that, but today, I accidentally dropped the tongs so I just rinsed them off with water and then returned to the pot, but she stopped me and said I had to dry it off first. As annoyed as I was, she was right. (Aren’t they always?)

The chicken skin wasn’t quite what you’d see at a restaurant. You can’t peel it off easily, but now that I think about it, I took off the raw fat as I was separating all the pieces. Is that what makes the skin slide off after you cook it? If so, I’ll keep it on next time and maybe I’ll get it right. Third time’s a charm. Hopefully.

But now that I have an idea of how to make fried chicken, I think I can focus now on trying to turn it into the Fried Chicken Dinner from Sweet T’s. It might take a while. Or I may just have to get a job there and simply ask for the recipe. But I’ll get there. It’s on my bucket list.


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