Dad wanted breakfast and, since he wanted the usual dish that my mom makes him, I decided to add my own twist to it. Now, the original meal consists of: Over-Medium eggs, buttered toast, and some sort of meat. My take: scrambled eggs with cheese, buttered toast (but only because I panicked!), and strawberries. 

What do you say? Looks good, right? I remembered how to make scrambled eggs based on “The Food Network’s” Perfect Scrambled Eggs recipe, but didn’t recall the specifics on quantity and ratio, so I just guessed. And I mean on everything too: how much salt, pepper, milk… Oil, even, when I set everything on the pan. Although I don’t think I needed any because it didn’t mix well with the liquid eggs. The recipe says to use butter, but I figured when you’re frying, you can just use oil most of the time. 

As far as taste went, I think there was too much cheese, but that may just be my personal taste. I don’t like too much cheese. 

The only moment I really panicked was as the bread was toasting. I thought about what to put on it once it came out of the toaster. Jam? He doesn’t like things that are too sweet, plus we have some odd flavors in the fridge: Verry Cherry Jelly (the label was partially ripped off), Old Fashioned Three Berry Jam (specifically strawberry, blackberry, and red raspberry), Sweet Honey Apple Pear Butter, and Chocolate & Chipotle (although technically that’s barbeque sauce). 

Other than that, this wasn’t difficult to make at all. I followed the directions to the scrambled eggs and added the cheese when most of the liquid eggs were cooked. That way, the cheese has time to melt while the eggs still cooked. 

Next time I make it, I’ll definitely have to switch it around a bit until I find an arrangement that is my own. In the meantime, bon appétit!


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