Steak for dinner, with a side of rice and green beans. The usual really, except with the green beans. I decided to add onions instead of garlic this time. It was the usual recipe from what I recalled, but I used half an onion and fried it with the beans. It definitely impacted the taste a little bit, but I think it was good.

Again, I guessed at each and every ingredient, even with the green bean sauce. I didn’t really eat the onions, but that’s a personal choice. I never eat the onions unless I feel like it. I know that my parents would eat it had they been there, but they’re out of town.

As you can see, in the green bean portion, there are way more beans than onions, hehe.

I read in a dieting magazine that the key to eating when you want to lose weight, is portion control, if you don’t want to change your dietary habits too much. That being said, the entire magazine was about 99% filled with recipes to go along with their idea, so that’s really why I even bought it in the first place.

Now, I’ve never actually been too crazy about my ideal figure, but we all have those, don’t we? A certain image of our bodies that we’d like to see and can change through diet and exercise. Nowadays, the attitude is to love your body no matter what shape or size, which I completely agree with! As long as you’re happy, you do you!

Back in college, I was taught to obsess over my weight, not by my peers if you can believe it. THEY were the ones who always said, “Love your body the way it is! Don’t feel the pressure to starve yourself!” After years of mental torture, trying to find a balance between both arguments of this whole dieting debacle, my attitude is: if you still haven’t figured out how to love your body yet, do what you can to get it to where you want it to be, as naturally as possible. Diet and exercise is the way to go. At the same time, you only get one life, so don’t let it get you down just because you exceeded your caloric limit of the day. There’s always another day, and if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by this pressure, that’s one less day you have of happiness on this plane of existence.

Or something else as hippie-like as that.

Point is, I’m going to focus on portion control as a part of my diet. According to the magazine, half of your plate should fill up with vegetables, and the other half should be divided into two halves: grains and proteins. Just so you don’t find any loopholes, they added that the height of each portion should go up to 1/2-inch high, and the highest portion should be the vegetables. Of course, because veggies.

So I know this entry has almost nothing to do with cooking, but since I don’t stop considering my figure anymore (which doesn’t really help because I always eat what I want anyway), it has always been a significant part of my daily decision-making. Only, I always end up saying something along the lines of “the diet starts tomorrow”.

Portion control. Use that information at your leisure, even if there is none.


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