As I mentioned yesterday, I want to bake cookies for the people at the LASIK center I went to. I don’t usually do good deeds like this, but I figured I was probably their worst patient ever so it’s less a nice gesture, but rather an emotional debt. Last night, I made a short list of ideas: coconut shavings, raisins, Nutella, banana bits w/ cinnamon, all without chocolate chips; and cinnamon and coffee with them. Then, I narrowed it down to what’s more practical.

In the end, I decided on using coconut shavings, Nutella, and the banana/cinnamon, which are all experimental since I won’t be using a recipe except to make the batter. Since I have minor OCD symptoms, I must make four flavors, so I’ll also make the regular chocolate chip cookies in the process. Might give them more of those in case they aren’t fans of the other ones.

I was told they aren’t open today, but I wasn’t planning on doing it anyway; instead, I want to spend all day Sunday doing it and then deliver them first thing Monday morning. That way they have all day to devour them. The only reason why I wanted to do different flavors was in case some of them are allergic to chocolate or didn’t like it for some issue crazier than what I put them through. I feel as if making oatmeal cookies instead, especially for the banana ones, would make more sense, but I still just want to try it out.

Also, because all of them varied by size and shapes yesterday, I think I should roll the dough and then flatten it before placing it on the parchment paper for baking. That way I get the cookies I want, or at least tried to get them.

Because most of these cookies are experimental, I would have to eat one cookie from each batch, which would make the numbers either 11 or 4, but I might save some dough for later. Actually, I don’t mind 4. That’s my favorite number. Although I suppose it has less to do with what I want, but how many would fit in the container. I’m planning on getting a big plastic box from the store and then use that so they don’t have to worry about giving it back. Then place all of them on parchment paper and stack them, maybe by flavor, but I don’t want them to have to dig through cookies they might be allergic to. Maybe have a separator and have all four flavors in each square… I’m imagining a box where I can fit them four-by-four. As far as the separator is concerned, I have no clue what to use. I’m picturing plastic or foam. Or perhaps I can use more parchment paper and fold it multiple ways for it to fit.

Yeah, this is going to take all day.

As usual, I am open to suggestions! Either on types of cookies, ways to package it and separate them, anything.

Break an egg, fellas!


2 thoughts on “7/22/16

  1. This post is cracking me up. It’s so like me-ICD. I recommend getting a box and put four small boxes inside that box and then even numbers of cookies in each small so the different flavor a don’t touch. I have been thinking about how you could do this for about 15 minutes to avoid getting out of bed this morning. Second suggestion- Pinterest always has the answer. Look under bake sale packaging ideas. Good luck. šŸ˜ŠšŸŖ

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