Holy crap! Okay, so big thank-you to one of my devoted readers because she suggested that I go onto Pinterest for cookie packaging ideas. Thankfully, I already have a Pinterest account because I find writing inspiration there. The only Pin that caught my eye was a stack of cookies in a clear coffee cup and it has a label on it with the “L” in “chocolate” capitalized for some reason, which is why I thought it said, “ChocoLATTE Chip Cookies”. That’s how I got this huge epiphany and might not need coffee to wake me up at…*checks the time* noon (which is ironic because my Circadian rhythm is all out of whack due to the Valium naps). So maybe I can deliver them in a coffee carrier and I know that Starbucks holders come in fours, but if I can find six clear coffee cups (maybe I’ll just ask for six large iced drink cups, since we have to-go coffee cups at home, but they are styrofoam, and last I checked, they don’t make see-through styrofoam). As far as the cap goes, we have black ones, so I’m all set with those. The Starbucks employees might think I’m weird, but I was sort of a regular there for a few months.

In fact, fun memory time: I was in a children’s choir back in the day, and the final performances were specifically dedicated to solos and choreography, which is something we never did during the Holiday and Spring concerts. The last performance, which was called Stage Show, would have a different theme every year. My first year was colors, second was Academy Award…nominees? Winners? Probably nominees since there are more options. Third was names and my last year, it was about international songs (I’m Korean, so naturally, I sang a Korean song). This happened during the Names year and I sang “Taylor the Latte Boy” which is about a girl who becomes obsessed with a Starbucks barista named Taylor at first sight. Well, just before dress rehearsal, I decided to bring a paper Starbucks cup just to be cute, so my mom and I went to Starbucks to get drinks. (We personally had glass cups with the Starbucks logo on it, which I used for some time, but I probably almost dropped it a few times or was worried I would, so decided to go with paper instead.) As I was explaining it to the drive-thru lady, she was confused as to why I needed an extra cup, because we’d already had our drinks. For some reason, as if she’d know the song, I said, “I’m singing ‘Taylor the Latte Boy’, so I want to use a cup as a prop.” She was still puzzled as she handed it to us, but whatever. We got what we needed. 

Anyways, because of the “ChocoLATTE” thing, I want to label each of the cups with a coffee pun that pertains to the cookie flavor, so since today is planning day and tomorrow is acting day, my mission is not only to consider what I have to do in the order I will be doing them, but to figure out the puns. Since the Pin only said “ChocoLate Chip Cookies”, I’m going with “ChocoLATTE Chip Cookies”. Maybe for the Nutella, something like “NUTELLAn Me; None for You” or something? Banana-Cinnamon would get…”BANAMON to the Rescue” or…something. (These are just getting worse, aren’t they?) Then finally, the coconut cookie might be called “COCONUTty b/c I’m Coffeeless”. I don’t know, guys. Please help. 

Break an egg!


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