7/23/16 Update

I went to the grocery store and then the Starbucks a few doors down and got the stuff I needed. I expected to find a squeeze bottle for the Nutella, but whatever. It’s Nutella. It’s heavenly no matter what it comes out from. 

Explaining myself when asking for the empty Starbucks cups was entertaining. I first started off by saying, “I know this is going to sound weird” because everyone knows if you say that, then you’re automatically not weird lol. The girl at the counter found my idea “smart” once I explained my baking project. When she asked if I needed lids, I accepted in case the ones we had at home didn’t fit. I bet people thought I was crazy for holding onto a carrier full of empty cups, but I didn’t care. There are crazier people. 

I’ve decided to combine the coconut and Nutella and make a “CocoNutella” batch. That way, I have room for the two Starbucks cups full of regular chocolate chip cookies since you can’t really go wrong with plain ones. And then again, the final cup will be the Bannamon. I’ve decided to spell it that way instead. Should I say “Bannamon Saves the Day” or just go with “Bannamon”? “Plantaimon”? 

Also, I think I want to do this as a career. It’s just a consideration, of course, but doing this is kinda fun! Getting creative with sending meaningful desserts? I mean, it’s cool to be a part of such a nice sentiment.

Anyways, I think that’s all I’ve got for today. Break an egg, guys!


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