Today, I worried about getting started on the batter process. I was going to just make it once, but then screwed up and put the chocolate chips in before adding the powdery mixture to the egg mixture. The plan was to just create half a batch of chocolate chip cookies and then two quarters of the other two flavors. I’m new at this, so screw-ups happen. Could’ve been worse, I know that. 

I also figured out how to package it. Mom let me dig through the Christmas wrapping stuff and I found a huge, red bag. It was more like two large red rectangles glued together, but it was big and transparent. A little too big, actually. It was more like a garbage bag, so I cut off a few inches, but then, when I wrapped it over the cups, there were two extra flaps created by the extra lining of the glued portion. I cut off both corners and then taped them together, which helped a lot. In the end, it looked like this: 

And then just stick the card inside. 

I also drafted the message, so that’s done. I think it’s pretty good, so I’ll probably write it out tonight. 

My mom is taking me to the center tomorrow morning after we drop off my dog at the groomer’s. That way, they can snack on it the entire day. Talk about how I’m the patient who kept twitching and moving under the machine. I would have to wake up at around 6AM though since the doggy appointment is at 8:30AM.

Oh, and maybe my making the second batch might be a blessing in disguise: it takes multiple attempts to try to get the perfect cookie, especially when you’re experimenting with ingredients you’ve never tried. I mean, I’ve never baked with Nutella before. What if it takes a little longer for the cookies to be ready because of them? 

So tomorrow, I also need to complete the titles of these punny desserts: lots of ChocoLATTE chip cookies, CocoNutellas, and CinNANA’s? No. I think too much of grandmas. Bannamon. Cinnana–I keep wanting to say Cinnanagram, but how is that connected to coffee? Doesn’t have to be Starbucks; just coffee-related. Banana Frappacinnamo? Too wordy, man. Too wordy. Cinnanacchiato? Cinnabacchiato? Banana Cinnacchiato? I might go with that one. 

To sum it all up, serving in a small gift basket–or rather cup holder–will be ChocoLATTE chip cookies, CocoNutellas, and Banana Cinnacchiatos. On the labels, I will mark what specific ingredients are on it as well, in case there are serious allergies. After that, I think I’m all set! There will definitely be extras, so I can pick out the prettiest ones and stack them in each cup. It’s a relief knowing that I don’t have to worry about that OCD numbering nonsense. Unless… What if I can’t fit an even number of cookies in each cup? What will I do then? I can’t just put in a different amount each time! Just kidding. Not that big a deal. I mean, I’ll still add an even number of cookies in each cup and make sure that all the quantities match, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If I have to take one out, then more for us!

I know I should probably add my experience with the cooking process from today, but it’s already 10:25PM, so I want to get started on sleep. 

Well, good night! And if anyone has a better coffee pun for the banana-cinnamon one, please tell me!

Break an egg, everyone!

Update: Cinnana Macchiato


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