Today’s dinner was sort of a bust. My brother wanted me to make Chicken Parmesan and I figured I could use the recipe I’ve used once before. The reason why there isn’t a separate entry about that experience is because the last time I made it was before I decided on this blog. It’s weird though: I remember working on it, but I don’t recall what it looked like. I remember certain steps, but not the final product. 

This is what I was aiming for: This is sort of not what it looks like. 

In fact: It’s not my best. Not sure if it’s my very worst, but it’s pretty far down the list of recipes I want to try again. I might just go for an easier recipe next time and tackle it when I’m a better chef. The spaghetti wasn’t even right, and all that takes is literally boiling for a few minutes. As a matter of fact, you want to see how bad it got?

Here: How does that happen? Go ahead: laugh. I thought it was okay to leave it alone and it’ll just melt into the boiling water, but apparently not. Thank God my brother caught it. Mom fixed it by cutting off the bad parts with scissors. 

Anyways, here’s the recipe for Chicken Parm, so you know what I’m referring to as I make a list of my thoughts, which I haven’t done in a while: 

  1. Not much measuring again, since I have a good eye for these things (I hope). I divided the entire list of ingredients in half since 4 American servings is too much. 
  2. I used regular green olives instead of kalamata olives. Whatever “pitted” means, I didn’t do that either. 
  3. Mom wanted me to use the rest of the tomatoes we had, which I tried to equate to one single can of tomatoes. Barely made the cut. I hand-crushed them myself, but didn’t really peel. 
  4. I used two chicken breasts, which helped me decide to divide the entire thing in half after all, because we bought a huge bag of chicken breasts, which we leave in the freezer and there were two of them reserved in the fridge. 
  5. I didn’t measure the amount of cheese either. I remember as I was shopping for them though, “I prefer more mozzarella over Parmesan, except it’s not really a Chicken Parm if there is less Parm, is it?” That’s why I couldn’t help but think that the meal would only have an obsessive identity crisis. 😛

Since I wasn’t going by the book for this dish, I took more pictures of what the process looked like just to see if it looked normal and thought I could get some pointers if it doesn’t look right.

Hand-crushed tomatoes (two regular-sized and three small): 

I was wondering about the bay leaf at this point. Like, what is its purpose? 

How about this? It’s supposed to look like tomato sauce, right?  Not tomato…blob?

This made me more fond of olives though. In fact, I finished the jar later (five left). 

Oh, so before I officially sign off, I should tell you about my plan from now on. See if you can figure out my new system:  

Before getting all my ingredients together, I think it’d be easier to color code everything based on when I should add them to the dish. For example, instruction #2 states that I should add the onions, garlic, and bay leaves altogether. By having them all the same color, I can mix them all in one dish, making it easier on the person who washes them. People probably already do this, but I’m not all that bright, but I do love rainbows, especially in pastel!

I think that’s about it, so break legs!


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