Lemon Chicken. Yum… 

I wasn’t planning on making it again, but it was really good! That’s what I thought anyway. It was Rachael Ray’s recipe, so this is courtesy of her and The Food Network

Here is the original photo on their website: 

Okay? So this was the goal. 

This was pretty close, right? I know you can’t tell, but the texture seemed spot on. That’s what I was worried about toward the end, so I went against the rules and let it simmer at medium heat instead of low. Dad was hungry, so he needed it ASAP! 
If you’ve read some of my other recipes, you can probably tell that we’re more of a chicken family rather than any other meat. That’s mainly because Dad loves chicken. In fact, so much that he could tell that I forgot to add vinegar, which apparently takes out a certain part of the flavor that makes it taste bad? I forgot what it was, but he explained that vinegar cancels this bad taste. 

Like last night’s dinner, I don’t have a blog entry for the last time I made this, since it probably happened during my hiatus (due to laziness). I think Dad mentioned the chicken thing last time, too, and I may have forgotten the vinegar then, as well. I think it had more to do with the type of vinegar. We have white distilled, but I could have just used dry white wine last time. (You see, this is why you write things down, and the main purpose for this blog, you slacker!)

This is what the actual dish looked like. I know it’s not as balanced as I’d hoped, but Mom really wanted to make the pork, so I started dinner after she finished. For me, I got agitated because it just didn’t make sense to have two meats on the plate. It still doesn’t, but we ate and that’s what matters. Next time, I’m adding broccoli, like Rachael. 

Mom said we had lemon, but it turned out she thought I meant lemon juice, but I needed lemon zest. I’d already made my trip to the store after I found this out, so I had to go zestless, but I’m not sure if it mattered. I know it’s called “LEMON Chicken”, but there was enough from the curd, so perhaps the zest was more for looks?

Thinning the curd was kind of fun, for some reason. I don’t know why though. 

I think that’s really all I have to say about this. The level that The Network put it under was literally “Easy”, so it was pretty clear cut and simple. 

Break eggs!


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