Day Two of the grilled cheese. I made it twice: two sandwiches for me, and one for Dad. My first was perfect. It was squished by the bowl, but other than that, perfect. Second, not so much. I think it had to do with the heat, so I decided that no matter which number sandwich I’m on, it’s two minutes for the first side and one for the second. I don’t time it with the phone though. I count the seconds myself, but I know they’re really fast. I count “Mississippi”-lessly, which would annoy Ross Geller from Friends (if you get my reference, then bless your heart).

The only issue now is how to avoid crushing them. They always come out too thin, which makes sense because of the weight. Should I just use the spatula and apply pressure? I tried that for a few seconds, but the butter stuck to it. Maybe I should butter it up the second side right before flipping.

Also, one of my Facebook friends who always comments with culinary suggestions, said that some people use Hellman’s Mayonnaise instead of butter. I’ll try that next time, if we have it lying around the house. Just thought I’d put that out there since it was relevant.

Remember when I told you yesterday that I wrote down a bunch of stuff, but then lost it because I was moving from iPad to iPhone during the drafting process, since I was adding pictures taken on my phone? Well, as I was reading over the entire thing, I realized that I made a reference to a TV show and tagged people related to it on Twitter, but never made any connection with them. So apparently that was the biggest part I left out. (One upside to that is the real Gabi Moskowitz–whose blog is called BrokeAss Gourmet, in case anyone didn’t know–actually read the post. She liked it on Twitter, but I didn’t think she actually read it until I saw that one of the referrals was through Twitter. I fangirled, man, haha!)

So here’s what I remember from Memory Limbo: “Why did I decide to try mastering the simple grilled cheese sandwich? Well, something stuck to my mind: the very first episode of Young & Hungry where the main character (Gabi Diamond) needs to make something for her super rich boss-to-be (Josh Kaminski), since he is starving. She makes him a grilled cheese sandwich because she just happened to be there for her chef job interview and knew it was his favorite. When he described how delicious it was, I specifically recall him saying it was “ooey-gooey”. I want to make ooey-gooey grilled cheese! (And, actually, that show is based on the life of the food blogger, Gabi Moskowitz, which makes you wonder if she also worked, or still works, as a personal chef. Except the show doesn’t mention anything about Gabi Diamond’s blog, despite the descriptions all saying it’s about a food blogger named Gabi Diamond.)”

That’s all I remember. It came back to me last night, but I decided to save it for today’s entry rather than editing yesterday’s post.

Side one (left is the first sandwich):

Side two: 

Together (look at that cheese…”ooey-gooey” enough for ya, Josh?):  


I’m not giving up though. I mean, it’s Grilled Cheese. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get right. At least three simple ingredients and, what, three easy steps?

That’s all I’ve got for today. If anyone has advice on how to substitute the griddle (or in my case, the metal bowl) in a way that does not crush the bread slice, I’m open to ideas.

Till then, break eggs, foodies!


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