I missed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, so I found one specifically for eating (meaning without the raw egg, which I learned is unhealthy for you). Honestly, it tastes like clay, but you sort of get used to it after a moment.

Well, I can’t blame the recipe for it or anything. Not yet: I messed it up a bit by mixing up both the sugars. You’re supposed to add 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup granulated sugar. I used the 1/4-cup measuring cup for both sugars.

I also used regular milk chocolate chips instead of the semisweet, but that was just my personal decision. Hehehe…

So what do you think? Tempted?

The recipe says to use an electric mixer, but I figured I could just whisk it myself. After all, I could use the mini workout. I also sort of started with the liquids and sugars first, but I figured it didn’t matter because I would have to combine the two anyway.

It’s good, despite the clay taste, but it’s soooooo sweet. I mean, that’s on me, but I gotta really take it slow though.

I think their serving size is a little inaccurate: they say “about one cup”, but it’s more like two cups. Maybe it’s one cup if you take out the chips and cram it all in the measuring cup. I fit it all into two small bowls that are big enough to fit a cup’s worth of food, which is how I got to the two-cup-serving theory.

Also, there’s alcohol in vanilla extract?

I skipped the Cook’s Note because it said something about baking. Probably should’ve read the second paragraph: “Consumption of raw or undercooked flour may increase the risk of foodborne illness.” Whatever that means, um…dang it…and “foodborne” is apparently not a word.

The cookie dough is apparently for ice cream, milkshake, buttered toast, or a cookie sandwich… Meh. (Finishes the bowl anyway.)

I also didn’t wait five days for it to be refrigerated obviously, since I made it at around 5PM today and I’m eating it now, three hours later. Oh, it says “up to five days.” K. We’re good here, people. Omnomnom!

Break an egg! Like I didn’t do for this recipe! 😉



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