Mom wants me to make Firecracker Chicken again (even though when she heard it the first time, she was skeptical :P). The bonus here is that not only have I made it before, but that it was less than a week ago, so I remember that process very vividly. Dad will be home early today, so I started at around 2:00 this time, including the trip to the grocery store to pick up the buffalo sauce.

And speaking of ingredients, I set everything out because I knew I had to make that trip to the store anyway. See? It’s helpful to set out everything you need before you officially start the entire process. If I needed something and realized I didn’t have enough, I would have had to return to the store. Very good lesson there.

Right now, everything is set out and ready to go. I just need to wait for the chicken to thaw more because the first thing I have to do with it is cut it into chunks and it’s a little hard to do that when the center is so solid. Just waiting for it to thaw for half an hour in hot water, so hopefully that’s long enough.

I have to remember not to cut them into such small chunks. It just takes too long. Maybe I’ll just make a note of it on my personal cookbook. (The one on Microsoft OneNote.) Well, better get back to cooking. Dad will be home in half an hour, which should be enough time, if he just waits like fifteen minutes.

 So what do you think? And Dad only had to wait five minutes! (He made a Coldstone stop on the way home.)

I was pretty sure I burned it a bit, so when it was serving time, I made sure to give Dad the good pieces. It tasted fine though. I mean, I was faster on getting the separate batches of chicken in the skillet and I tried to cook them all at the same time, but it was took quick for me, so I ended up making three or four batches again. Because it got so dry, I had to add more oil into the skillet since the chicken pieces, I felt, would only jump straight to burning.  

So, as you can see, there are specks of burnt chicken or egg. Some of them stuck onto the pan, which was then passed onto pieces that cooked perfectly fine. 

I did notice however, that my hand started shaking as I gripped tightly onto the tongs when grabbing the chicken. I don’t know if it’s because I’m holding onto it too hard or I crack my knuckles and pop my fingers too much. Probably the latter, since I have this horrible habit that’s been going on for years. 

Next time, I want to make it with some kind of vegetable. Green beans, I guess, since that’s always my go-to veggie. The thing is, we do have them in the house, but I just didn’t think ahead enough to consider how it would look on the plate. 

Well, that’s all! Break an egg, guys! Well, in the case of this dish, three eggs, hehehe…


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