Culinary school starts tomorrow at 7:30AM. I’m a little nervous, but I might be confusing it with excitement. I forgot how much reading was involved in college–mostly because back when I was getting my BA, I may have skipped the reading assignments and allowed other people to be part of the discussion, which is why I was so quiet all the time… I’m aware of the fact that I’ll be doing more reading and memorizing at the beginning though, because we don’t even get to be working hands-on until next semester. 

Some of these classes are more than three hours long, which makes me wonder what if I need snacks? It just occurred to me that since we’ll be cooking, we might be making our own lunches… Maybe. I don’t know how it works yet. 

I also want to spend some time giving myself a tour of the campus even though I plan on being there for less than a year. I tend to use my free time in the piano rooms, so I specifically want to walk through the music/theatre buildings. Actually, they could be the same building, which shows you how little I know about the geography. 

You know what’s funny though? Last time I took classes at a community college, it was when I was in high school, taking American Sign Language and the piano rooms were placed oddly in front of a classroom. I mean, it could have been used mostly as a music classroom, but I just found it weird, but convenient to be placed directly in front of the only classroom I had to be in for that school. I could literally wait till the last minute to enter the classroom.

Anyways, I’m still trying to figure out the kinks. For example, I need specific shoes in the kitchen and I’ve seen professional chefs on TV, so I have an idea how they’re supposed to look. All the syllabi say the exact same thing: black, closed-toe shoes with heels. The problem is, all I have are “character shoes”, but we’re supposed to be prepared to stand for five hours, so I don’t want the heels to be high enough for me to go out on a date in. (I laugh internally at that since I never go out, let alone on a date.)

Also, I know that we all get lockers at the beginning of the year and we’re supposed to keep our stuff inside during class, but what do I do for the first day? Supposedly, we get our assigned lockers then. I don’t know, but I’d better get reading. It’s 9:30PM and I have about three chapters to read and I already have a hard enough time retaining information without TV as background noise. 

Break an egg!


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