Previously on Chef’s Delight: I have the house to myself for about a week, so that means I’m in charge of my own food. In turn, that also means that there will probably be more entries, or at least more paragraphs in these entries. That would make me excited, except I’m also back in school, which starts early in the day for four days straight, meaning I won’t be devoting my nighttimes to these updates, hence dedicating all weekday updates to Fridays, which is my day off.

For lunch, I just had ramen noodles. I wanted to make something for dinner, but I didn’t know what I was in the mood for, yet at the same time, didn’t know what I just felt like cooking. I combed through the videos on Facebook, but I just found mostly the same things since I didn’t want to go to the beginning of each page, trying to find something appetizing and worth trying out. I tried the cooking apps on my phone, but nothing really stuck to my interests.

That’s when I decided that maybe steak was an option. We don’t have it in our fridge, so I would have had to go out and buy it. That’s when I said, “Screw it, there’s still a whole raw chicken breast left from yesterday, so I’ll just eat that like a steak with a side of rice and the leftover salad.” It was a variation of last night’s dinner, which was just a chicken salad (it was very simple, so not worth discussing).

I didn’t want to fry it this time because I always end up burning the top and bottom, waiting for the internal temperature to turn 160°F. Instead, I looked up how to bake a single chicken breast and most of them said 30 minutes at 400°. Looking at that one chicken piece, I didn’t want it to be dull, so I added some lemon juice directly to the pan and then after inserting the meat, sprayed a little bit on top. Then, I added some cilantro (which one of my Facebook friends was complaining about yesterday for some reason?) in each corner of the dish. I covered it with plastic wrap and let it marinate for about 15 minutes (until the oven finished preheating) and then baked for half an hour.

(Are you supposed to cover it with foil when you bake it though? I didn’t even think to, but I see them do it all the time in the videos. How significant is it in this process?)

Toward the end, the only portion of the cheese that burned was the outline of the chicken, which was completely white and maybe very slightly uncooked. Like a teeny tinge of pink was still visible. When I looked at the meat thermometer, it said, like, 161°F or something, so I figured it was close enough, since the safe number is 160° or 165°, right?

Isn’t she a beaut? I know that on a balanced plate, veggies are supposed to take up half the plate while the grains and protein each take up their own quarter, but who’s counting?

Again, the chicken was total improv. I used garlic salt on the chicken before putting it in the oven because I freaking love it, especially more than regular salt.

As far as the lemon juice goes, I’m predicting that I added approximately a tablespoon of it total maybe? I’m a horrible guesser when it comes to volume. For the cheese, I can safely say that I used up 1/2 cup. I just wanted enough to completely coat the entire chicken breast.

Well, that was dinner! Quick and sweet. Speaking of sweet, when I had the cucumber with the Fuji apple salad dressing (courtesy of Panera Bread), I couldn’t help but notice that it tasted like a green apple-flavored lollipop. It was just that first taste though, so it was probably the dressing, but I specifically tasted the lollipop, not just some other apple-related food.

Anywho, break an egg!


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