Sure, I make the perfect steak meal when my parents are out of town, so they miss the whole thing! The green beans were crunchy yet juicy, which is how I like it, and the steak was the perfect level of medium-rare. All it took was skipping the steaming step for the vegetables (they were prewashed, so I figured it was okay to jump in) and I just flipped the meat when I thought it was ready. I read in The Food Lab that the number of times you flip the meat matters, and that one turn was better than repetition.

I don’t have much time because I have a quiz tomorrow morning, so here it is: 

I learned that when you set up the plate, presentation is part of the art of cooking, so you even have to be deliberate on which side of the meat will be showing. We went over this in the egg portion of the lab: always show the side of the food that looks prettier. I also tried to practice the veggie 50, meat/grains 25 plate setting, in case that wasn’t evident enough.

Today was also laundry day and when I shoved my coat in the wash, I forgot that I had four pens hooked onto it… Only two bled out (somehow even though they all came out closed and intact): the pink and black. The pink ink came out real easily and it was only evident in my coat, so I just needed to wash that and my cap once more and they came out fine. I had to spray stuff onto the black-and-white checkered pants and white apron. Now, the pants, I’m not too worried about because not even they care how it looks as long as the stains aren’t too visible and we don’t use our pants to cook, since their priority is sanitation and presentation. The apron was the biggest problem, but fortunately the stains are on one side, and with the way we put it on, we fold it in half and then tie it around our waist, so it creates a double-layer. I just need to show the better layer. I might eventually have to go to the store for another apron. That is, unless someone out there has a suggestion on how to get it out, I am very open to your ideas.

I left the pens in the laundry room, so watch me forget them and go to class without a writing utensil again. You know what? I’ll just put a couple more pens in my backpack, just in case.

Well, gotta go! Break an egg!


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