Culinary Plans

For those of you who are following my cooking career (and by that, I mean just this blog since that’s the only experience I’ve got under my belt), I decided to go to culinary school. Nothing too fancy so far. I want to start small, so I’m going to take classes at the local community college, who recently built their own culinary building across the street from campus. They seem really good though, reading all the success stories online. No really, they have a separate page on their website dedicated to their success stories. They only have a few up, but I figure, they all probably have jobs related to their culinary training, so maybe they’re too busy to write their own story. They at least have their own search engine for people looking for jobs. Not only that, but for employers looking for people: chefs, caterers for certain events, personal chefs, you name it.

Speaking of my job goals, I’ve always thought that whatever I’d end up doing in life, it absolutely HAD to do with the creative arts: writing, acting, singing, composing, whatever… I still love to do all those things, but at this point, I’m not successful (or disciplined) enough to be able to make a living off of it, and time is running out (actually I’ve gone into OVERTIME). So for now, the plan is to go into cooking and keep all that fun stuff to the side and, if something comes of it, I can get publicly acknowledged then. I mean, J.K. Rowling wasn’t always J.K. Rowling. She was just Joanne Rowling…bankrupt, single-mother-who-always-happened-to-love-writing Joanne Rowling. The first Harry Potter book was published when she was almost 32, and that’s when she first showed up on everyone’s radar.

So right now, with culinary school, I really want to be someone’s personal chef. Exactly like Gabi Diamond onYoung & Hungry. Obviously, employers would probably want someone who has a wide range of expertise, so culinary classes are still a must, and it’s going to take a while to get there, so I’d probably have to start off working at restaurants. That makes me nervous though because I don’t like being rushed and people want their food as soon as possible. If someone tells me they need an order NOW and I’m not even halfway through, I’ll crumble. I mean, maybe the pressure is good, but I’m afraid to just give up altogether for one bad day instead of just trying again tomorrow and being more prepared.

So anyway, that’s the plan with this whole culinary stuff. If anyone has ideas or advice, I could definitely use them right now. I’ve got a month of my life left before the real work begins, so if there’s something I need to know, I’d definitely love to learn whatever you’ve got.